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Welcome to My Music Room!

Naz works mostly from her cozy home studio, where she teaches piano to her students. Everything you need for an enjoyable session is readily available, such as comfortable seating, an upright piano, and lots of resources including music books, theory materials, and more.

The atmosphere of my space reflects the joy of creating music. I strive to make my teaching space fun, inviting, and conducive to creativity. Whether you come for individual lessons or group classes, I am confident that you will feel welcome here and leave feeling motivated to continue your journey in music. 

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Our Passion is Music!

The Little Mozart Piano was established in Paris in 2006 by Tannaz Rafiee-Fitzgibbon, a Pianist and a music teacher.

The Love of teaching music took her Piano school to London, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Canberra and in Sydney where she lived.

Having taught in so many different countries gave her the ability of teaching students from many different backgrounds ,skill levels and culture.

Tannaz holds a master’s degree in Music IT from the City university in London and also has studied Piano teaching at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris.

​Not only are her teaching skills top-tier but she has extensive experience as piano soloist and also as an accompanist making her an accomplished performer in her own right.

She is a dedicated piano teacher with a successful history of teaching children of all ages and ability levels.​

She looks to spark the children’s interest with a supportive and challenging teaching style and specializes in helping them prepare for their own performances, whether it be a concert, recital or a competition.

Naz has got a large experience of teaching online where she makes the learning efficient and enjoyable.

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Teaching Philosophy

We believe students learn best in a relaxed, but structured class where a balance is established between technical study and having fun.

While each student is different, age is an important consideration. I aim to utilize different methods for each student based on their age and interests.

For young students below seven years of age, we often integrate musical games and popular songs to spark their imagination and develop their enthusiasm. From the age of eight we slowly shift the focus towards developing the student’s level of concentration to music theory and hand techniques.

We aim to teach students a wide repertoire of famous pieces from Classical music to today’s pop music .We finish each semester with a performance to build their confidence for an exam or a group concert which we organise at the end of each school year. These events are not only fun, but they build confidence and are a good initial step in preparing students for concerts or examinations.