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Lessons are one to one or a in group. The one to one classes runs for minimum of 30 minutes. During this time we combine sight reading, Technical studies for hands, musical games as well as music theory while we follow a lesson book. Students are also invited to suggest the music they are interested to play. We can add on a piece of their choice to our weekly program to spark their love for playing piano. Lessons are made for different purpose whether is for fun, skill or preparing for exam or a concert, we tailor a program for each pupil.


At Little Mozart Piano, we have perfected the art of online piano lessons conducted through Zoom. Our highly effective teaching style has enabled us to achieve great success with this format, helping children to achieve their full potential even in the virtual world.

Just like face-to-face learning, it’s important for your child to take ownership of their learning and remain focused during the lesson, as well as dedicating time to practicing in between lessons. Online lessons can be a great option for children across Australia who prefer virtual learning.

To participate in our online lessons, your child will require a suitable device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, along with a reliable internet connection. Of course, they will also need a piano or keyboard to practice on, and most importantly, a desire to learn and grow as a musician.


At Little Mozart Piano, we offer engaging and interactive group piano lessons for kids. Learning in a group environment is a fun and effective way for children to develop their musical skills while also socializing and making new friends. Group piano lessons are a great option for children who enjoy learning in a supportive, social environment.

Our group lessons are designed to be dynamic and engaging, with a focus on fostering a love of music and learning in a collaborative setting. Your child will learn essential piano skills and techniques, including playing scales, chords, and melodies, as well as reading sheet music.

To participate in our group piano lessons, your child will need to bring their own piano or keyboard to class. We also recommend that they bring a notebook and pencil to take notes and jot down any questions they may have. With a positive attitude and a desire to learn, your child is sure to have a great time and make lasting memories in our group piano lessons.