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Frequently Asked Questions

We Provide:

  • Individual piano lessons
  • Group piano lessons
  • Individual practice lessons
  • Piano accompaniment for all levels and exams

There is now 90% of our lessons face to face however we have the best setup to continue work online  if you wish so.

The benefit online lessons is the same as one to one lesson. Every week you receive the work sheet and material and can follow up the lesson in a very organised way! Online lessons are 10% cheaper.

You Can Pay Via:

  • Online banking deposit
  • Cash

Yes. During school holidays, lessons are not compulsory but will be provided upon request. Studio will also be running as usual during all public holidays.

You can get your piano books from any music stores or online.

All parents and guardians are responsible for:

  • Supporting your child with his/her learning, engagement and behaviours during a lesson.
  • Getting your child to prepare all the piano books, notebook and equipment for each lesson beforehand.
  • Supervising your child if he/she follows the teacher’s instructions and the practice routine.

If you are aiming at learning piano for leisure, it will never be too late as long as you are persistent and willing to follow your teacher’s instructions.

It Depends On:

  • Your budget
  • Whether you have enough space
  • Whether you have a good condition to soundproof a piano
  • Whether you are determined to learn piano in the long run

Please contact us and send you the pricing details.

Piano lessons for children we recommend from age 5+, there is no limit of age  for any adult wishing to start or continue their previous studies.

It is highly recommended to have a piano or keyboard at home to practice between lessons. However, we can provide guidance on renting or purchasing a suitable instrument.

Our lessons are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour in length, depending on the student’s level and preference. We also run online practice sessions which guide the student how to practice – it is recommended to book at least once per term to get the best outcome of the student practice.

Yes, we incorporate music theory into our lessons to help students understand the structure and composition of music.

We recommend practicing at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, to make steady progress. However, the amount of practice time may vary depending on the student’s level and goals.

There is different method using for different student depending on their age, leve land pace.

Payment is per term, if you require a different arrangement please contact Tannaz to discuss options.

The best time to start piano lessons varies depending on the individual. For young children, it is recommended to start around 5+ years old when they have developed basic motor skills and are able to understand simple instructions. However, adults can start at any age and it’s never too late to begin learning the piano. Ultimately, it is important to consider the student’s level of interest and readiness to commit to regular practice and lessons.